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FoodLog is a web service that enables you to store and manage all sorts of information about your meals, simply by taking a photo of your food and sending it by email .


Logging means keeping a log or diary. FoodLog is a photographic log of your meals. People who eat regularly and have 3 meals a day are eating 1095 times each year, or 76,650 times over 70 years. Meals are vital for creating your future body. Some meals we eat casually and soon forget the menu. At other times, however, we clearly remember an enjoyable lunch with friends, a dinner with someone special, and a lively party with lots of guests. Why not give it a try. Take a photo each time you have a meal. Keeping a photo of each meal will of course remind you of what you ate, but will also surely reminds you of the people you dined with, and the smells and atmosphere of the place where you ate. When you have a collection that spans several months, years, or decades, it will be a great memento to look back at. A food diary is more than just a diary recording what you did; it is a richly colored record of your life. FoodLog is a web service that makes it easy to keep and organize all sorts of food related information, simply by photographing your meals and emailing the photo. Its particular characteristic is that it automatically extracts all sorts of information from the photos, freeing you from the hassle of entering text or navigating pull-down menus. As a result, keeping a daily record is no trouble. If you already upload your photos to another photo sharing service, FoodLog can simply import just the food photos, bringing them together in one place so that you can organize all your information on meals at the same time. Our meals disappear after we eat them, and because we eat each day, it’s easy to forget what we have eaten. That’s what makes FoodLog so valuable. By logging photos of your meals, it is a convenient tool that can enrich your life.

Because what you eat food that would break just because they eat every day from now forgotten, FoodLog recorded in photos, please use it as a useful tool to enrich your life.


FoodLog allows you to add tags and comments when you upload your food photos. For instance, you can use tags to label your photos according to details of your meal, or according to who you ate with, or which restaurant you ate in. When the log has built up, you can then gain new perspectives on your photos by sorting them according to the tags. In short, you can look at all the photos with the same tag.


Photos taken by digital cameras, cellphones and smartphones often contain location data. FoodLog can use these data to show on maps what food is being eaten where, all around the world. From “Everyone’s food,” click the “MAP” tab to display shared photos at their locations on a map. It’s fascinating to see what people are eating in different places worldwide.