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At FoodLog, you can

HEALTHUse photos of meals to care for your health.

The food we eat each day builds up our future bodies.

Even if you don’t give it much thought, the food you eat each day plays a vital role in creating your future body. Keeping a photo log of your meals can be very useful for looking after your health.

Serving Balance

FoodLog can automatically assess how balanced your meal is using the photo data you upload. Dietary balance is calculated by categorizing foods into 5 groups—Grains , Vegetables , Fish and Meat, Milk and Milk products, and Fruit. A diet with a good balance between these groups is considered to be well balanced. The recommended intake of food from each group is expressed in terms of servings (SV). Refer to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s website for more detailed information on balancing your diet. FoodLog records the daily balance, and calculates the overall balance for regular periods, so that you can check to see how the balance changes over time. The figures are only a rough guide, but the graphs give you an instant picture of when you are overeating and of how balanced your meals are. It’s useful to check your diet for imbalance before deciding on the next day’s menu or making a selection at a restaurant.


Recording diets involve keeping records of types and amounts of food consumed each day. The resulting records are useful for losing weight, but they are also ideal for keeping a watch on your health on a daily basis. Despite the benefits, many people find that they are too busy to do the recording and therefore fall behind with their records. Using FoodLog, all you have to do at first is to take a photo. Once you get into the habit of taking and emailing a photo before you start to eat, it’s easy to sort out the log entries later. If you are on a diet, the photo is very good for helping you remember what you had eaten. Make good use of the FoodLog comments section to combine photo and text data for your diet records.