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ENJOYSharing food photos is fun

Make your everyday meals even more enjoyable.

Sharing photos of your meals and related information with FoodLog can make every day even more fun.


FoodLog is more than just a place for your own food photos; it is a place where you can see the photos other people have shared, too. Designate your photos as available for public viewing, and you can share your meal information with lots of different people. For instance, the family of a son or daughter living away from home can see what he or she eats. You can look at the photos posted by people you don’t know to find new meal ideas, and you can discover what people in faraway countries eat. Sharing information on everyday eating as well as on gourmet/foodie specials and recipes makes eating even more fun.

Personalize (Make it Personal?)

Everyone’s interest in food is different. Someone wants to remember the names of beers that he or she liked; someone else wants to archive the recipes he or she uses each day, and yet another person wants to construct a map of ramen noodle shops. Use FoodLog to create a log tailored to your particular interest. In addition to logging your meals each day, add your own tags—say “Beer,” “Ramen,” or “Recipe”—to build up a simple database that matches your own needs. As long as you recorded the meal, you can look back later to remind yourself of the occasion, enjoying the memory, and perhaps share it with friends and family members. See the instructions on how to add tags for details. more information


It’s always interesting to see what other people eat. In a sense, a daily record of what someone eats is a record of his or her life. FoodLog makes the “Everyone’s food” image collection available for viewing by everybody. You can focus your search according to conditions such as the poster’s age, sex, or specific tags. It also gives you access to logs posted by people who meet those conditions and share information about their meals. For example, you can see what other people in a similar demographic to your own are eating, or you can look for your favorite types of foods by using keywords such as “Curry” or “French.” This flexibility broadens the potential uses for FoodLog, and rewards exploration. Making FoodLog part of your daily routine can make each day’s meals much more fun.